Established over 50 years ago by Francesco Marchesi with the original purpose to trade in dies for the folding carton industry, the paper processing industry, lithography studios, silkscreen and print shops, the company specialized after some years in the designing, sampling and making of dies on behalf of third parties.

Claudio and Paolo Marchesi have long replaced their father in the company’s management and brought their views in terms of organization and investments in the latest technology available on the market, machines that could ensure  the utmost precision thanks to the laser cutting system and guarantee a top-quality product, together with a timely and rapid service for any requirements. 

The development of the existing production processes and the investment in new machinery enabled us to offer a wide range of processing such as high rule dies for blistering, thermoforming, plastic films and water jet rubber processing, thus becoming a strong reference point in the paper processing industry, capable of  designing and producing increasingly performing top quality dies. 

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