Flat Bed Dies

Once the project is approved comes the real die production phase. Our original design is thus processed by the laser cutting machine, one of the latest installed in Italy 4 years ago, though laser is a technology we’ve been used to for 20 years. This last-generation and high-tech laser allows us to cut at high speed without losing quality and precision, which are very important characteristics. Our design is sent at the same time to the automatic bending machines, where our expert operators set up the steel rulers to insert in the die, thus reducing production time while maintaining a millimeter-tolerance precision. We can then switch to rubbering, another important step in which innovative kinds of rubber are selected for each material to eject.

We produce any kind of flat bed dies, for both automatic presses (Bobst, Heidelberg, Saroglia etc.) and manual presses, as we are able to manufacture both normal and dynamic strippers, steel plates and counterparts for creasing, being acquainted with the specifications of all the machines available on the market. We can also provide nicked rules with the most suitable height, depth and setting, milled automatically by our machines during the rule shaping phase.

We can also provide intricate and puzzle dies thanks to our last-generation automatic bending machines that can fold any steel rule with small-diameter rays and bends.